We're open now and in bloom!

Mon-Sat 9:00 to 5:00; Sun noon to 4:00 (or by chance)

Come to our Open Greenhouse event this Saturday Apr. 30!

Saturday we're offering a great opportunity to see our flower plants and hanging baskets - many of them already in bloom. It's a great chance to get free credits on your Plant Card as well as an immediate $2.00 off any purchases you make on Saturday.

Amazing Flower Farm - beautiful, healthy annuals, perennials, vegetable starts, distinctive hanging baskets and patio containers - we've got it all!

We grow them here using biological and natural pest control. We're known for the quality of our plants and the color of our hanging baskets.

Our customers really love our unique varieties, our mixed vegetable 6-packs and our Plant Card program, which gives you 12 percent credit on everything you buy here - redeem it before the end of the season for anything we grow.

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Hanging baskets are one of our specialties,
but there's much more here for you to take home.

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This year I bought a senetti plant and some browallia flowers from you folks this year. I absolutely love them! Friends and family have been asking me what kind of flowers are they because they have not seen those type of flowers before. I hope that you will have them again next year because I will definitely be planting them. They have brought much joy! Thanks for bringing the beauty to my home,

Cheryl D.

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