Summer Hours

Welcome new customers!  This mother-daughter team carefully packed 37 plants into their little jeep!  Truly Luvin’ Life!

We’re now cleaning up the greenhouses and preparing for next season.  If there is something you’d like us to grow next season, now is a good time to let us know because we are starting to put in our orders for next year.  We are still keeping our best annuals and perennials in great, healthy condition in case you want to stop by for something.  Here is how our summer hours work:

  • By Chance; if we are here, we are happy to help you find what you need.
  • Blue self-pay station is available at the checkout counter if no one is here
  • You can also make an appointment:  (603) 878-9876

Click here for current week’s availability

(hover over the picture for the name)

Our potted daylilies are already starting to bloom:

(hover over the picture for the name)

Click here to get a sampling of more plants we currently have

A RARE EVENT over the Father’s Day Weekend:

We are holding a 3-day Petunia Sale:

Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!  All Wave petunias and exotic petunias.


  • Buy 3 of anything with a petunia in it.  Whatever you want:  small pots, big pots, hanging baskets or patio pots.
  • Get one more of anything with a petunia in it.
  • Free petunia must be an equal or lower cost.


Friday June 18, Saturday June 19, & Father’s Day June 20!


And it is time to redeem Plant Cards.
Processing Plant Cards

Plant cards are very popular at Amazing Flower Farm.  They give you 12% credit on everything you buy during the season, and when you get yours in the mail, you can redeem it at Plant Card time, using it as cash for any plant(s).  This year you can combine your Plant Card credit with the Petunia Sale, if you like.   The Plant Card program starts fresh each year.  This year Plant Card time ends on July 10, 2021.

Last week we ran the heat, this week we pulled the shade cloth – still trying to keep everyone comfortable!

It is always so much fun seeing what color and plant combinations our customers choose.  And we are delighted to announce that masks are no longer required at Amazing Flower Farm, just in time for the summer heat.

We have two reblooming irises!  Immortality is white, Speeding Again is intense purple-blue.  These are blooming now in June and should rebloom late August/September.  Check our our current availability page for more of this week’s pictures

We’ve got you covered – and comfortable!

On this blustery wet Memorial Day weekend, come surround yourself in beauty!  Our retail greenhouse will keep the wind and rain off, and the corn stove takes the chill off.  Our fuel dollars for this stove go directly to another farmer in Northfield, MA (as local as we can get.)  Take a look – you can bring some of this loveliness home with you!


Featuring some really cool plants:

See Current Availability for lots more.

Brand new this year!  A CLIMBING Sweet Potato Vine! named Solar Tower Black. It truly twines & climbs all by itself.  It is supposed to be quite vigorous, so we have paired it in this pot with another vigorous vine, Thunbergia  (Black-eyed Susan Vine) “Lemon Sunrise.”  We’ll see who wins, so far they look evenly matched.  You can always selectively clip branches/leaves if you want to change the balance of the planter.

This combination is suitable for a large planter or in-ground planting–best display with a fence or trellis.  It is vigorous enough to cover a shed wall or propane tank…both vines are annual so they will die over the winter and not cause you any permanent viney problems.  We have Solar Tower Lime as well–same chartreuse color as the popular Sweet Potato Vine “Marguerite.”

You might notice the plastic beneficial-insect release vial zip tied to the hoop.  The residents have dispersed by now, gone off to attack aphids, so the vial is empty.  If per chance you find a parasitized aphid mummy on a plant, leave it alone–the beneficial insect will hatch and go on to do its good work at your house.

Customer Favorites! (hover over the picture for its name)

Hummingbird Favorite!


We now grow Cuphea Honeybells at the request of a customer.  Also known as Firecracker Plant or Mexican Cigar Plant.  Hummingbirds fight over these little cigar-shaped flowers.

If you get up close and look, maybe it is the little kitty-faces that make it so appealing!




This brand new double petunia is called Midnight Gold.  Who would have thought it was a petunia?  Some of them turned out pure purple/black, without the creamy-gold edging.  They are just as cool!




We have nice traditional planters as well:

Geranium Lobelia Gaura
Memorial Day Planters

See Current Availability for lots more.

Opening Day!



Hey!  What’s going on over there?

Some scenes from Saturday, April 24, 2021.


Earthday 2021

(Hover over the picture for its name.  Click on a picture for a slideshow.)

What about Covid?

Our staff will become fully vaccinated on June 8.  On that date (Tuesday, June 8) we rescind our mask policy.  Until then, masks are required on the premises at all times.  We are unable to keep up with our attempt at online ordering.  Instead, if you do not want to wear a mask, you may shop after hours (after 5pm) Monday thru Saturday, and use the blue self-pay station and checkout envelopes  at the checkout counter.  We are closed after 4pm on Sundays.

How to stay informed:

The plants are keeping us super busy, but we hope to keep the website and facebook updated.   If you have any questions, you can always telephone us at (603) 878-9876 and leave a message.  (That is our landline, so it is not capable of receiving texts.)

Remember, gardening and tending plants in and around your home is one of the healthiest lifestyles available!

(Hover over the picture for its name)  Photos updated Easter Sunday

We have plants!  In spite of lots of hiccups in the horticulture industry this spring.

Remember the freezing weather & ice storms in the South this year? It devastated the plant supply chain, as cuttings sat in unheated FedEx hubs and trucks the bellies of jet planes, unable to move. Hundreds of thousands of cuttings froze. Those cuttings could not be replaced for several weeks until the stock plants re-grew. Hence, nationwide, there was a shortage of young plants, including our favorite spotted petunias, Night Sky & Electric Purple Sky. Our entire order of spotted petunias was canceled.

And yet, because we are so Amazing!, we got super lucky and we have a supply. Plus Bees Knees, one of the best yellow petunias ever, it grows just like a Wave Petunia. And more amazing, hard to find varieties.  We finally have everything we need safely on the premises and growing happily.

Chickens bred at Amazing Flower Farm, treasured producers of Chicken Gold!


2020 season

Come get some fantastic perennials. They’ll keep blooming for years to come. In this new slideshow Devon tells you about some of them.

(We’ve just begun expanding into audio with our slideshows. Please address any complaints to In the Doghouse Department at Wonderful Husband Productions.)

If you missed Roger Swain’s visit on Saturday, July 13 2019, be sure to read the article we wrote about it. (Use the slider arrow on the right to see all the pages.)

A wide selection of healthy annuals, perennials, vegetable starter plants, and more grown on site in an environmentally responsible manner using natural controls instead of pesticides.

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We specialize in unusual and hard-to-find plants. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff takes great pride in growing healthy plants using natural controls instead of pesticides. We use environmentally-friendly growing methods including raising our vegetables and vegetable starter plants organically in waste-free peat pots that return to the earth, heating our greenhouses with locally produced wood pellets instead of fossil fuels, using state-of-the-art greenhouse structures that minimize electric needs and plastic waste, and utilizing water conservation techniques. We work very hard to live up to our name!

We also produce and sell our own well-aged chicken manure that makes vegetable gardens happy and productive.


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  • Our growing methods
    Our growing methods - At every step of the way, we use the best growing practices to create healthy, beautiful plants
  • Our growing methods
    Our growing methods - At every step of the way, we use the best growing practices to create healthy, beautiful plants
  • Our growing methods
    Our growing methods - At every step of the way, we use the best growing practices to create healthy, beautiful plants