Van Berkum Nursery for perennials

Van Berkum  is a wholesale perennial nursery in Deerfield, NH where we get some of our perennials.  We can also occasionally get special-order perennials from Van Berkum.  They have an awesome website where anyone can find pictures, siting & growing information for all kinds of perennials that are hardy in our area.  They also have lists of perennials sorted by different attributes, like color, bloom time, size, location.


UNH Cooperative Extension Service Family Home & Garden Education Center

for  gardening questions

Take advantage of the resources, information, and advice offered by dedicated professionals and trained volunteers through this worthwhile program supported by our tax dollars.

Get answers to all kinds of gardening questions, how to preserve your harvests, and much, much more.

At Amazing Flower Farm we use Cooperative Extension programs for continual staff training, and we host the Ask A Master Gardener program each season so that our customers can benefit in person from this wealth of free knowledge.

Green Methods for good bugs

Green Methods is a Nottingham, NH company with an excellent website that thoroughly delves into using beneficial insects for biological pest control, which we use instead of pesticides.  Many of  their products are for inside greenhouses, but they also carry insects (lacewings, ladybugs, tiny, non-stinging parasitic wasps and more) for sites outside, in your garden or landscape.

Using beneficial insects requires you to pay attention.

  • You need to correctly identify the problem pest (UNH, above, can also help with this) so you buy the right control insect.
  • Timing is important.   Natural control methods work much better when the pest is starting out than later when it has already devastated your crop.
  • Biological controls are alive.  Their shelf life is limited. You need to follow the directions on how and when to release them, and do so promptly.

We firmly believe that using beneficial insects is well worth the effort.  They do not poison our environment and pests cannot develop resistance to them, a major problem with chemical pesticides.  They are relatively easy to apply.  We are fortunate to have a respected supplier close by in NH, reducing our shipping costs.

We Sell:


Daniels Plant Food a natural alternative to chemical fertilizer.  We find it easy to dilute, the plants like it,  we can’t mistakenly over-fertilize, and it smells better than fish emulsion.

Proven Winners Our Proven Winners plants come from a wholesale grower in Loudon, NH, one of the original greenhouses that founded the Proven Winners brand.  The website is full of information,  inspiring and user-friendly.


We Use and Recommend
for seeds

These northern New England seed companies carry varieties that perform well in our climate.  The two companies and the cooperative

FEDCO have also long championed sustainable and organic agriculture.

FEDCO Seeds, Waterville, ME  Good seeds at cooperative prices.   Fun, quirky catalog descriptions. Combine your order with neighbors for a volume discount.


High Mowing Seeds, Wolcott, VT  Organic seeds.


Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Albion, ME

Johnny’s catalog has lots of useful growing information.   Johnny’s also breeds award-winning vegetable varieties that work in our area.

We are members of the following organizations that support local business and agriculture:

New Hampshire Plant Growers

Greater Peterboroough Chamber of Commerce

NH Farm Bureau The Farm Bureau has a great links page for all kinds of agriculture interests in New Hampshire.

Hannah Grimes Marketplace Hannah Grimes helped us get started.


New Hampshire Made







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