Lettuce getting started.


Vegetable Starter Plants

Many of us at Amazing Flower Farm have grown vegetable gardens (organically at that) all our lives.   We can’t imagine going a season without a vegetable garden.  We freeze or can or otherwise preserve our harvests for winter use.  You can’t beat the quality of the food!

We grow all of our vegetable starter plants from seed right here on the farm.  Most of our seed comes from northern New England seed companies (see our links page), so we know it is adapted to our local area.  We carefully select the varieties we offer.  Our most important criteria are flavor and performance.

We offer both heirloom varieties and disease-resistant varieties.

We grow all kinds of tomato plants: early slicing varieties, beefsteak, cherry, grape, paste or roma, even drying tomatoes.

We grow many varieties of sweet and hot peppers.  We grow different eggplants.  We grow broccoli and cabbage and cauliflower and brussels sprouts.  We start cucumbers, squashes, pumpkins, various lettuces & greens, and more.

Chinese kale

We also sell our own aged chicken manure that vegetable gardens love.  You will notice a vast difference in the size and quality of  harvests from a garden that has been manured versus one that is not fertilized.

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Lemon thyme on the stone steps



Some herbs are annuals, some are perennials, some are biennials.



We carry the basic culinary herbs like parsley and basil, as well as more unusual ones like stevia (a natural sugar substitute) or astragalus, a deep-rooted, long-lived hardy perennial whose roots have been used by the Chinese for centuries for their anti-cancer and healing properties.


Salad burnett



Be sure to check our workshops page for our fun annual herb workshop.


Fruit: berry plants, berry bushes & fruit trees

We carry everbearing strawberry plants, rhubarb plants, blueberry bushes, & an amazing thornless blackberry which produces lots of fruit even in our northern climate.




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