Fifteen people turned out for our July 30, 2011 workshop with long-time Monadnock beekeeper Jon Camp.

Jon covered everything from getting started with a package to the types of bees.  (A package contains three pounds of bees plus a queen.)

Jon also talked about using smoke to calm bees.  Smoke, he explained, triggers a natural response to fill up on honey.  When full of honey, bees aren’t as likely to sting.  However, Jon cautioned that after being smoked it can take a beehive up to three days to get back to regular activity.  A better tactic is to use the “smoker,” the beekeeper’s smoke-generating device, to douse him or herself in smoke.

The workshop ended with a visit to the two hives we maintain at Amazing Flower Farm.

Some customers expressed interest in getting Northern-bred bees next spring.  We’ll see what’s available from beekeepers in different parts of Vermont and get back to them.

If you’re interested in purchasing woodenware (hive bodies, covers, etc.) or in getting bees, send us an email.