There is some news in the wake of our midnight robbery in June, but it’s mostly that we’re still largely in the dark.

The good news is that New Ipswich police have recovered the stolen plants, a bit the worse for wear, and returned them to us.  A local lawyer has also approached the police, and from what we understand he represents the thief.  We also know that there is a discussion underway between this lawyer and the prosecutor’s office concerning what the charges might be.  Theoretically, the charges might be anything from a felony down to a violation.

Ara feels the miscreant should have to work off whatever the penalty is by shoveling manure in our chicken barn, but it appears the legal system can’t assign cruel and unusual punishment.  But more than that, we don’t know.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.  And thanks to everyone for their expressions of concern and their sympathy!


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  1. Shoveling manure is “cruel & unusual punishment”??? haha! I just happened upon your website & your post about the robbery (I also had a robbery a couple yrs ago & they caused so much damage I had to move out of my home!). It only takes a little commonsense to realize that we’re hurting kids by not making the punishment fit the crime…your idea was a breath of fresh air!

    When my Mom was a little girl she would agree to shovel the manure if her brothers would let her drive the model T! She didn’t seem to having any lasting trauma from all that “cruelty”. Hope you guys don’t either! She ended up being a darned good driver!

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