NH Made Christmas Wreath

Chris Johnson, who has been making wreaths for more than 30 years, is making her traditional holiday wreaths again this season.

The wreaths mix laurel, cedar, white pine, juniper and princess pine.  All the material is harvested in the New Ipswich-Greenville-Mason area, and Chris aims for “low impact” harvesting.  For example, instead of snapping off whole branches of laurel – which takes several years for the plant to recover from – she hand picks leaves, a process that is more like pruning.  After all, she says, she wants to be able to harvest year after year, something she can’t do if she hits a spot too hard.

She adorns the wreaths with artemesia, rosehips, pine cones, and other natural seed pod finds.

Chris can make three sizes of wreaths.

The standard 12-inch wreaths have a finished diameter of about 24”. They are $25 each (shipping and handling are extra).

Chris can also custom-make an outstanding large wreath on a 36” ring for display on an outside wall.

Small wreaths on an 8” ring have a finished diameter of 14,” and are perfect as centerpieces.

Place your order by November 15 to ensure your wreath by Thanksgiving (it is traditional to bring a wreath as a gift to your host for the upcoming Christmas Holiday season.) To order, send Chris an e-mail with “Wreaths” in the subject line. Or, simply call her at (603) 554-7006.




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