Spring has sprung

Here is Paul, a couple of decades younger, determined that nothing, not even snow, gets in the way of spring. And we have the photo to prove it!

We’ve always pushed the season for our vegetable garden. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you have to replant. That year (sorry, can’t remember the exact date, it was a long time ago) we had a couple of feet of snow well into the spring, and yes, we needed snowshoes to get around, but the tomatoes were just SO ready to go out and it was a nice warm day after the storm so we just went out and planted right in the snow. Now, only experts can do this successfully so do not try this on your own!

(Well, yeah, we really just dug a hole in the snow, put the pot in, took the picture, and then brought the tomato back into the nice warm house until the snow went away and the weather warmed up properly, so yeah, you could actually do the same thing without harming your tomato plant.)

– Ara Lynn

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