*The PreSale has ended. Thank you to everyone who placed an order!*


If you are already a customer at Amazing Flower Farm, you know that we almost never do sales. We are very proud of the health and quality of our plants and would rather recycle a plant that does not meet our standards, than cut its price to pass it off onto a customer for whom it might not perform well. We prefer to reward our loyal customers with healthy plants via our Plant Card, which gives you a 12% credit on everything you spend over the season, and allows you to use that credit to buy ANY plant on the premises before the end of our season.
However, circumstances this year are a little different. Early spring is always a tough cash-flow time, with so much money going out for supplies, baby plants, fuel, and wages, and nothing coming in. This year we have put a lot of extra money into upgrading our greenhouses. SO, we are going to hold a Pre-Season Sale to try to help out.

Here are the rules:

Only the plants on our list are on sale (but they are great ones!) Fill out the order form and place your order. You must pay by the specified date in order to get the specified discount. You must pick up your plants by the date specified. If you are late in picking up your plants, we will charge you the amount of your discount as a late fee. (We choose dates that the plants can stand. For example, petunias can take much colder weather than fuchsia.)

As you may already know, we create tiny ecosystems for all of our plants, including:
• soil micro-organisms to protect the roots and help the plants weather stressful conditions
• beneficial organisms such as lacewings to prevent and control the bad bugs
• slow-release fertilizer now in every plant to last the whole season, so all you need to do is water

So let’s see how it goes. You can be sure to get the plants you want before they sell out, and help infuse us with the early season cash that would be so very helpful this year.

Here are the plants available for the Pre-season Sale:

Petunia: Night Sky

This stunning new petunia came out last year and we sold out almost instantly. What a petunia it has turned out to be! Deep purple with white spots that are different on every flower, and fragrant! It changes color in response to extreme weather: when it’s very hot and humid both day and night, the flowers become almost solid purple; when there is a very big difference between day and night temperatures, the flowers can become almost white; in normal weather, they are deep purple splattered with wonderful white spots. Night Sky is a very sturdy, long lasting plant, continuing to bloom into the cold fall weather, even after frosts. This is one new variety that is definitely deserving its praise.

Our big Night Sky petunias are in 5 1/2″ pots
Get 10% off when you pay by April 17 normally $9 presale $8.10.

We will keep growing your petunias in our greenhouses until it is safe to put them out. Please pick up your Night Skys during our normal business hours anytime before May 12. (Late pickups will forfeit the sale discount.)

Fuchsia Hanging Baskets, three sizes, five beautiful colors:

We have carefully hand-tended these big, beautiful fuchsia to produce loads of blossoms which thrive in partly-shaded positions and which hummingbirds love. Choose from our selection of the most popular as well as the most unusual colors!

Get 10% off when you pay by April 17.
Three sizes:
o 8″ Small, normally $25, presale $22.50
o 10″ Regular, normally $35 presale $31.50
o 12″ Honkin’ Big! normally $50 presale $45.00.

We will keep growing your fuchsia in our greenhouses until the weather warms up. Please pick up your fuchsia during our normal business hours anytime before May 30. (Late pickups will forfeit the sale discount.)

Amazing Flower Farm Pre-Sale

We accept PayPal online, check by mail, or credit card by phone

*The PreSale has ended. Thank you to everyone who placed an order!*

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