Amazing Flower Farm Newsletter Summer 2018
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We’re in full bloom at Amazing Flower Farm!

I want to thank you all very much for giving us a good season. You’ve kept us so busy that I haven’t had a chance to get any newsletters out since Open House! And thanks for bringing us new customers. 😉
The weather has been kind to us gardeners this year too, except for those cool nights that seem to be holding back heat-loving plants like peppers, basil, and patchouli. But summer heat is arriving!
As always, please share this email with people you know who may be interested in what we have to offer. We especially hope to meet new people who may be interested in Pick-Your-Own cut flowers, even if they don’t garden.

Red white and blue hanging basket

Plant Cards

plant cardIf you filled out a Plant Card this season, you should be getting it in the mail. They went out Tuesday. Please bring your Plant Card in to redeem it by Sunday, July 15, 2018. Mail isn’t as fast as it used to be, so we also have a list at the register that we can use to determine your credit, if you visit before you receive it.
If you don’t know what a Plant Card is, it is our way of thanking our customers, and it gives you 12% credit on everything you buy during the season at Amazing Flower Farm. You can redeem your Plant Card for any plant before the end of our regular season. You have to start a new Plant Card each season.

touching garden

Gardens in a Pot

We had a lot of fun putting together this Touching Garden in a Pot. We chose plants for their really interesting feel when you touch them—the grass called Pony Tails just begs to be swished, the silvery dichondra Silver Falls is so soft, we’ve always called it a petting plant. The Ice Plant has the most unique-feeling leaves, almost indescribable, a little rubbery, a little like shark-skin, really attractive to little boys! Everyone is fascinated with mimosa pudica, Sensitive Plant, which reacts dramatically and instantly to being touched. This combination likes minimal water. We made up a few
pots but if you’d like to make your own Touching Garden, we also have the components (and some others which release fragrances upon touching).

Coming: Summer Hours

Our regular 7-day-a-week season ends on Sunday, July 15. Then we begin our Summer Hours for daylilies and cut flowers. Summer Hours are Friday and Saturday 9-5.



We have some daylilies in pots, but lots of varieties in the field. If you want to browse the fields you can come when we’re open and wait for us to dig them for you.
Or, you can look online to select the varieties you want ahead of time. If you can’t see the pictures, click here for the PDF version. Then call (603) 878-9876 to pre-order. We prefer at least 24 hours notice. We will dig them for you so all you need to do is come and pick them up during our summer hours.

Cut Flowers

cut flowersOur new little cut flower patch is coming along. We’ll let you know when it’s ready for Pick-Your-Own. Again, those hours will be Friday and Saturday, 9-5. If you have a DIY wedding or another weekend event and make arrangements with us ahead of time, we can be open for you on Thursday by appointment. We can also do the picking for you if you want bouquets during the week. Call and let us know your needs.


Some of our patio pots are displayed in nice urns. These resin urns are for sale, separately from the patio pots. (Plant Card credits do not apply to the urns.)
We rarely sell “stuff,” usually only plants, but these containers are locally manufactured (in Leominster, MA) using a special process and we chose them because they are superior in quality as well as classy in style. They are lightweight. Their very strong double-wall construction provides insulation from temperature extremes so plant roots thrive. They have generous soil capacity, again making happy plants. You can leave them outside year-round without fear of chipping or cracking, and they are formulated with UV inhibitors to protect against color fading. The 11” urns are $45, the 14” ones are $55. The sturdy garden bench is also for sale.

Ara LynnSee you soon! and have a safe and happy holiday!
Ara Lynn



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