Chicken gold
Wonderful husband Paul, Shoveler-in-Chief

We’ve been raising chickens for a long time.  We love how they fit into the cycle of growing & life.  Our chickens make lots of manure which makes our muscles strong (by shoveling it out of the pens).

Once the manure has aged enough we sift it before bagging.

Then we load the manure into big concrete bins and turn it regularly until it breaks down and is no longer too hot for plants.  The bins are designed to minimize runoff so we are not polluting the groundwater.

When it is ready we bag it up (more muscle work) and you can use it to amend your garden soil.  Vegetable plants love our Chicken Gold.

2020 Update:

Our well-aged chicken manure is fabulous this year.  If you get lucky, you might win the worm lottery, because our two-year-old pile that we are bagging somehow has earthworms slipping right through the soil-processor and landing unharmed in some bags!  Each bag is a 5-gallon-pail full, this year we are recycling our New England Wood Pellet bags into Chicken Gold bags.  Since the bags let the light inside, it might be a good idea to cover them until you use them, to prevent algae from deciding to grow.

Where else can you buy manure or compost with living, reproducing earthworms inside?!


Our Chicken Gold:
8.50/bag = 5 gallons

A very happy carrot loves our Chicken Gold