We grow our plants with great respect for our environment and our local economy:

  • We use beneficial insects instead of chemical pesticides
  • We use (and sell) Daniels Plant food, www.danielsplantfood.coma natural seed extract, for fertilizer
  • We heat our greenhouses with wood pellets

We have a wide selection of annuals and locally hardy perennials.  We grow many kinds of  vegetable starter plants, from heirlooms to disease-resistant hybrids.  We have Wave petunias … Proven Winners www.provenwinners.com … houseplants … herbs … succulents … fruit trees & berry bushes … unusual, hard-to-find plants, and our own aged chicken manure.

We also sell Earthboxes and Worm Factories.  www.earthbox.com www.naturesfootprintinc.com

We’re especially noted for creating distinctive hanging baskets and combination planters and for helping our customers find the right plants to fit their needs.  We hope you will come and bring a friend and see for yourself why we are called Amazing!


Prof. Paul Bush amongst the fragrant meadowsweet

We’re a family farm that’s been growing flowering plants and more since 2006 (and we’ve been here in New Ipswich for a lot longer than that). 

We are a family farm run by Ara Lynn and Paul Bush.  We have grown perennials and vegetables in New Ipswich for over twenty years.  We have always been committed to natural growing methods, and formerly ran a certified organic CSA.

Ara Lynn holding a couple of our spinach leaves

  • In 2002 we began building greenhouses.   It was an enormous project!   Our college-aged sons helped.
  • In 2006 we started selling perennials at a push-cart stand at the end of our driveway.  We held a contest to find the right name for our farm.  Every year we kept working on the greenhouses and adding to our operation.
  • By 2009 we were almost finished building.  Our tiny pushcart stand has grown to a 30’ x 88’ retail greenhouse, sheltering us (& our customers!) from inclement weather.


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