Daylilies are one of the easiest, most rewarding perennials. They thrive in full sun or part shade and most any type of soil. They can withstand road salt. They are drought tolerant. They are very hardy and long-lived.  They are even edible. Beginning gardeners will succeed with daylilies.

As you can see from our selection, there are many colors, sizes, flower forms and bloom seasons to choose from. Some are fragrant. Some are re-bloomers and some have an extended bloom time (more than 16 hours) so they will still be open when you get home after work. Some of our varieties, such as Kwanso, Susie Wong, Frans Hals and Happy Returns, can serve as vigorous ground covers.

Daylilies are usually sold by the three-fan clump; we give you a generous 5+ fans for most varieties.  This season all of our daylilies are potted unless you want a large, landscaper volume, in which case please call ahead so we have time to dig and bag your order. 

This is what we had available last season.

Please note that these are in reverse alphabetical order, starting with Yellowstone and reading down to Bonanza on the bottom right.