July 16, 2021 (Week 28-29)

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Notes:  The perennial Baby’s Breath is very hardy.  We plant the Crocosmia corms very deep in the pot, making them likely to come back as a perennial in our area.  The lovely double feverfew is a strain selected by Dublin’s own Carl Webber over 40 years ago.  The sedums you see blooming now work nicely as a ground cover in sandy, sunny areas.  Setcresia Purple Queen is a tough houseplant–it will survive almost anything except frost.  We keep showing you pictures of Lisianthus, it will bloom, we promise, and then you will be totally wowed.

July 3, 2021 (Week 27)
June 23, 2021 (Week 25)

Morning Glories!  Heavenly Blue–we have big pots full of buds and flowers, we have small pots well on their way and ready to plant at your fence or trellis.  Convolvulus is a dwarf morning glory–a sprawler, not a vine.  We still have colorful sun-loving and shade-loving annuals.


Lots of buds are just beginning to open, every day it seems we have new things starting to flower.  We have lots of fragrant lavender and dianthus, both love hot, dry sunny positions.  There is still a little bit of Butterfly Bush.  Sedums are starting to flower–another ground cover plant loving gritty, dry, sunny locations.

June 14, 2021 (Week 24)
PERENNIALS including perennial HERBS
Incrediball Hydrangeas

A Proven Winners variety – huge white flower balls lasting up to two months, supported by strong stems less prone to drooping than other hydrangeas.  Incrediball is hardy to a cold Zone 4, and blooms on new wood, so there should be flowers every year, and you can prune it back to near ground level in late winter.  Hydrangeas love part shade and are native to North America.

June 7, 2021 (Week 23)

We’re going to have to bump Canova Bronze Scarlet Canna Lily into a larger pot soon, they are feeling confined.  They will shoot up stalks of scarlet flowers when it gets hot enough.  The dwarf ageratums grow new flowers on top of the old so you won’t really have to deadhead.  They do not produce pollen – good if you have allergies, but not attractive to bees.  However, they will continue to flower all season.

HERBS & Edibles

We have lots of thymes, mints, and other culinary and medicinal herbs.  Genovese basil, purple Genovese type basil, two kinds of Thai basil, lemon basil, cinnamon basil.  Dill, parsley, cilantro.  Lemon grass & Lemon Verbena. Catnip.  Lavenders.  And lots more!

May 30, 2021 (Week 22)

Here are some plants that are ready now to take off in your garden.  Our gardeners “in the know” who’ve seen them flowering previous years are eager to get them “green” so they have a chance to really reach out their roots into the ground and get established before turning on their flower power.  Once they start flowering we’ll show you what they look like!  Most of the convolvulus (dwarf morning glory, not a climber) is still green, but here are a couple of precocious ones, just to show you how amazing they are.  Hover over the pic for the name.

And here are flowering annuals ready to go out now.  We have morning glories in several sizes pots.  Mecardonia is a fast-preading ground-hugging plant that works great as an annual groundcover, spilling over containers, and fairy gardens.  Our lantana keeps blooming without setting seed.  Euphorbia (just starting to bloom) and gaura add airy whites to the garden, Helichrysum Silver Ribbon and Iresine Bloodleaf are non-flowering annuals that add great texture and color to the garden and containers.

And here are some perennials – some of them just starting to bloom, if you get them now you can enjoy their full bloom season.  Fireworks White Astilbe is a dwarf astilbe, Angelica and Arnica are perennial medicinal herbs, Iris Immortality is a re-blooming white bearded iris, Agastache Golden Jubilee isn’t blooming yet but it’s young leaves are a beautiful color and its purple bottlebrush flowers will be a powerful pollinator and beneficial insect attractor later in the season.  It spreads.  The roof iris is short, likes moist soil, can take part shade, and is also a spreader.

MAY 24, 2021 (Week 21)
Wave Petunias!

Our Wave Petunias are starting to flower now, so you can see the colors.  There are lots of buds.  We have a new one this year, a Shock Wave Petunia (smaller flower than regular petunias) called Purple Tie Dye.  It starts out solid dark purple, but as the weather changes, new flowers start to acquire random white splashes.  It is really quite striking!


All the veggies are available now, although it would be wise to continue to protect tender warm-weather plants like cucumbers and basil, maybe even peppers, as this week night-time temperatures are again predicted to dip into the mid to lower 40s by the end of the week.  Check out our complete list of 2021 Vegetable Starts here.  Brand new this year is an interesting sweet pepper colored like the little variegated hot pepper “Fish.”  “Candy Cane Red” has the same variegated leaves, striped fruit, is a little bigger and not hot.



MAY 20, 2021 (Week 20)

Almost everything is available.  We’ll try to keep this page updated weekly, as our time allows.  Hover over the picture for its name.  As of May 20, here are some fragrant flowers, annuals, perennials, & edibles including vegetable starts.

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Stocks smells spicy like cloves, Linaria smells like perfume.  We think heliotrope smells like baby powder.  But everybody’s nose is different, come smell for yourself!

Annuals in color now:
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Selected Perennials