How To Find Out What We Are Growing This Season

Below is a list of most of what we are growing in the 2020 season.  Not everything is on this list.  If you know the name of what you are looking for, you can search for it on a desktop by holding down both the Ctrl and F key (control-find).  A search box opens at the bottom left corner of your screen.  Start typing in the name.  The spreadsheet will jump to the first instance of the name it finds.  Repeat “enter” until you find what you want. 

If you wish to just scroll, the list is sorted alphabetically by type:  Annual, Fruit, Herb, Houseplant, Perennial, Vegetable.  Within types, the list is sorted by species, latin name followed by common name.  If you don’t know the latin name search for the common name.  Once you’ve got the species, you can scroll down and see what varieties we are growing this year.

If the variety is followed by #, it is a patented variety that we cannot propagate (we must buy in baby plants, so the people who spend their time and effort plant breeding can get a little income via royalties.)  We prefer to grow our own plants from seed but there are some patented varieties that are simply too stunning to pass up! 

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If you have any questions please contact us.