Beautiful veggies

About Our Vegetable Starter Plants

Here’s how we choose what we start for you:

  • Flavor, Taste, and did we mention Deliciousness
  • Disease Resistance
  • Performance in our area (productivity, hardiness)
  • Some varieties we grow because they are just so good and also unique

Here’s how we start them:

We grow your veggie starter plants from seed in individual peat pots, using organic potting soil from Vermont Compost and fertilizing with the organic fertilizers Sustane and Nature’s Source.  We use living biological organisms to prevent disease and combat pests like aphids.  You do not need to disturb the roots or remove the peat pot when you plant—when the pots are damp, the roots will go right through it into the ground.  Your veggie starts take off and grow very quickly when planted this way.

Here’s what we charge:

You can buy exactly the amount you need for your garden.  Our vegetable prices are the same as last year:  small pots are $1.50 each or 4/$5.00.  For example, you can choose a tomato, a basil, a squash and a cucumber, or whatever combination you want, and the price is still 4/$5.00.  For plants grown naturally the way we grow them, that is a bargain!  Large peat pots (bigger starts) are $4.50 each. Some longer-growing herbs are in perennial or annual pots, and these are priced by pot color; signs are posted at the farm.  If you pre-order starts, you must order in quantities of 6, and the price is $1.25 per pot.  See deadline below.

Thank you for buying Locally-grown Plants!

This year’s Vegetable and Herb plants are described below in alphabetical order.  Come to Amazing Flower Farm to purchase them in any quantity. 

Or, Click Here to Pre-Order Veggie Starts in multiples of 6 per variety.  Order deadline is April 15, 2019


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