Our Perennials this Season

Here is most of our perennial inventory with pictures and descriptions.  The list was current as of June 12.  You can search or scroll this database.  We also have potted daylilies and plan to post an updated daylily list as well.

The plants are listed in alphabetical order by latin name (latin names are least likely to have variability).  Or you can search for common names.  Variety indicates which variety we are growing this season.  There are a little over 150 plants in this database.  The pictures might take some time to load.  Please forgive the formatting.  We’re much better growing plants than making things perfect on the internet.

How to Search:

On a keyboard hold down both the Ctrl and F key (control-find).  A search box opens at the bottom left corner of your screen.  Enter a name or attribute (like shade) and hit enter.  The spreadsheet will jump to the first instance of the word it finds.  Repeat “enter” until you find what you want. 

Click here for Vegetable and Herb pictures and descriptions.

Didn’t make it into the spreadsheet:  Lathyrus Perennial Sweet Pea, Monarda Blue Stocking, Penstemon Twizzle Scarlet, and Rudbeckia Irish Spring. 

If you have any questions please contact us.